Apparatuses to try!


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General Circus:

juggling, tightwire, stilt-walking, trampoline, partner acro, aerial acro, tumbling etc. 

We offer General Circus for kids and teens of all levels and backgrounds. If you want to do a little of everything this is the class for you. Trampoline, tight-wire, rolling globes, rola-bola, aerials, tumbling and clowning are all covered in this class. We give our more experienced students the opportunity hold leadership roles and welcome everyone to create and perform in upcoming showcases.


Mixed Aerial Apparatuses: fabric, sling, cube, lyra, rope, etc...

This class is for those at a beginning / intermediate level and who would like to work on both vertical apparatus (fabrics, rope) and horizontal apparatus (trapeze, lyra, etc). This class is appropriate for those just starting out with aerials or who would like to try a variety of apparatuses. 

Rope is one of the oldest aerial arts, it dates back to the Byzantine Empire and was a game played by sailors. 


German wheel (Beginner)

This is a Beginning class on German Wheel.  We will cover the fundamental skills such as straight line walkovers, cartwheels etc. 

An apparatus originating in Germany made up of two large rings joined together by a set of parallel bars.



Photographs by Robbie Snider.


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