“As an expressive therapist I have been using the space to bring clients for years. The staff (and clientele) are supportive, creative and looking to promote well being in the community. I have brought many clients and all have been eager to return to the space.”
— Joanne V.
“Simply Circus is simply “The BEST”!
Having worked out at many gymnastics gymnasiums and cirque training schools throughout the New England area for the last 15+ years I can wholeheartedly say that Simply Circus holds my “Top Spot”! ... You are in the hands of true experts at their craft and they are incredibly proficient at dissecting your weaknesses and training you specifically at improving those weak links in your chain to build you into a far superior athlete than when you walked in. I couldn’t give a HIGHER RECOMMENDATION!”
— Barry A.

My son has never done circus arts before this summer and we are amazed at what he has learned on the hammock, german wheel and juggling. He attended the summer camp for 7 weeks and was dead tired every day with all of the activities they did all day long!
— Becky L.

This is the real deal. Steven has deep expertise and has graduated several professional circus performers. Unless you want to go full time into learning the craft of circus performance (and maybe even then) Simply Circus is a great resource.
— Dave A.

Incredible school, staff is amazing.
— Brett R.

“Makes you more confident and willing to try new things.
A place where my own unique qualities and ideas are appreciated.
Improves your brain thinking which is needed in school.
It’s a fun break from the stress of school.
Makes you feel special.
It’s good exercise.
Something all middle schoolers need to try, they take themselves way too seriously.”
— Simply Circus Student

Super place for kids and has great performances
— Pauline A.

Wide array of circus style activities with a knowledgeable staff that is friendly and accepting.
— Ken B.