from the parents


In my daughter's words:

"Makes you more confident and willing to try new things

A place where my own unique qualities and ideas are appreciated

Improves your brain thinking which is needed in school

It’s a fun break from the stress of school

Makes you feel special

It’s good exercise.

Something all middle schoolers need to try, they take themselves way too seriously."  

-She has been going for two years. 


If you or your unique child is looking for a creative outlet and accepting friends, tired of being measured, and falling short of expectations in more conventional activities, frustrated with school....

Toss all that anxiety out the window and consider enrolling at Simply Circus.   Aside from being great exercise, Steve and crew are focused on developing you/your child’s special interests in circus arts, expertly coached within an environment based on team building and most importantly, laughter while learning.

Challenging program? Yes, and everyone loves the playful, controlled chaos.  Along the way, kids develop necessary survival skills such as establishing self-worth and resiliency with the added bonus of learning amazing skills that will impress their friends. 



Simply Circus is simply “The BEST”!
Having worked out at many gymnastics gymnasiums and cirque training schools throughout the New England area for the last 15+ years I can wholeheartedly say that Simply Circus holds my “Top Spot”! From basic gymnastics to special interests like “the German wheel”, “chinese pole”, “tight-rope/Balance training”, “juggling”, “Unicycling”, “stilt-walking” and so much more!
You are in the hands of true experts at their craft and they are incredibly proficient at dissecting your weaknesses and training you specifically at improving those weak links in your chain to build you into a far superior athlete than when you walked in.
— Barry P. Aleo