Scholarship Program

We at Simply Circus offer scholarships to any family or student who cannot reliably pay full price for circus classes or memberships. In the 11 years we have been around we have never EVER turned down a student who wanted to learn but couldn't financially afford to. What we offer is more than circus, our community of volunteers and instructors have also provided tutoring, certifications, trainings, and an opportunity for leadership. So, if you are interested in our scholarship program and joining our community please fill out a proposal. We can't wait to hear from you!

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College Circus Clubs

We are proud to offer our facility, at a discounted rate, to College Circus Clubs in the area. 

 If you're interested in starting a Circus club at your College or if you are part of an existing Circus or Flow club at your college please email to schedule a weekly or monthly time slot at our facility to come train and use our equipment.

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If you are a mental health counselor, physical, occupational or art therapist interested in making circus classes available for your students, clients or employees please email us!

We have a space for you!