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Whether you're new to circus or a seasoned performer, we offer a variety of classes to meet your fitness and circus goals! 


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Aerial Fabrics/ Silks

The origin of this apparatus is still under dispute, earliest record could place its origin in the 1800's. Although commonly believed to have been invented in 1950's, France, when a rope student was asked to present in a new way and performed on silks instead.


Aerial Fabric Intro

This is an introductory and beginner class for teens and young adults. We will work on building strength, transitions and performance quality while in the air.




Aerial Fabrics 1

This is a beginner / intermediate class for teens and adults. We will work on building strength, transitions and performance quality while in the air.



Aerial Fabrics 2

This is an intermediate class for teens and adults. We will work on more advanced skills as well as building strength, transitions and performance quality while in the air.


Aerial Hoop / Lyra

Aerial Hoop / Lyra originated in the 1800's when someone suspended the  mast of a ship in the air. That apparatus was said to resemble the instrument of ancient Greece and thereby got the name, Lyra. 


Aerial hoop / Lyra 1 (Beginner/Intermediate)

We will learn the basics on double point and single point Lyra. Mounts and dismounts, poses and transitions while working on strength and flexibility throughout. As students progress, we will expand our repertoire of poses and introduce dynamic movements and new transitions on top of the hoop while working on strength and flexibility throughout. 





General / Mixed Apparatus Classes

We offer general and mixed apparatus classes for kids, teens, and adults of all levels and backgrounds. In these classes, we will sample different aerial and circus disciplines, so students get to try a little of everything! 


General Circus and hooping:

juggling, tightwire, stilt-walking, trampoline, partner acro, aerial acro, tumbling etc. 

If you want to do a little of everything this is the class for you. This is an Intro to General Circus and object manipulation class for adults- we will cover Juggling, poi, hula hoop, diablo, rola-bolla,  tight wire, and clowning games. We give our more experienced students the opportunity hold leadership roles and welcome everyone to create and perform in upcoming showcases. 


Mixed Aerial Apparatuses: fabric, sling, cube, lyra, rope, etc...

This class is for those at a beginning / intermediate level and who would like to work on both vertical apparatus (fabrics, rope) and horizontal apparatus (trapeze, lyra, etc). This class is appropriate for those just starting out with aerials or who would like to try a variety of apparatuses. 

Rope is one of the oldest aerial arts, it dates back to the Byzantine Empire and was a game played by sailors. 


German Wheel

An apparatus originating in Germany made up of two large rings joined together by a set of parallel bars.


German wheel (Beginner)

This is a Beginning class on German Wheel.  We will cover the fundamental skills such as straight line walkovers, cartwheels etc. 


German wheel (Intermediate)

Intermediate class on German Wheel.  Students that have taken the beginning German Wheel class in Spring 2018 with Josephine can level into this class with instructor permission. 



Hand balancing / Handstands



All levels!

Whether you are working towards holding a handstand against a wall, a freestanding handstand on blocks, a one-handed handstand, contortion handstand, or any other hand balancing skill, this class will challenge you and offer you a great way to get fit and strong! 


Hula Hoops / Flow Arts

Hula hooping classes in Boston! 


This is an All levels Hula hoop class. 



Flexibility / Contortion

Origin time immemorial, the earliest records date back to the roman empire and practiced by yoga practitioners. 



This is an all level class. We will work on front splits, middle splits and back bends, with a focus on partner stretching and the conditioning necessary to support our flexibility. 




Simply Circus Ballet

Static Trapeze




Ballet for Aerialists

This is a beginner Ballet class for Aerialists. We will work on posture and alignment and we will also focus on floor work. 






Circus class for teens that want to work on a range of skills on the static trapeze.



This class will introduce the foundations of tumbling, including various rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and walkovers, as well as work towards dynamic skills including handsprings and flipping elements. Focus is on the strength, flexibility and technique required to execute the skills as well as starting to link the elements into combinations. 

Photographs by Robbie Snider.


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